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  • Decision Making

Semester 1 updated

Table of Contents

  1. Teaching break
  2. Week 7
  3. Week 8
  4. Week 9

Teaching break

Date Decisions Rationale
Apr 15, 2021 Create decision making log As a reflection to Audit 2, we create this log to keep track of all important decisions we make.
Apr 15, 2021 - Walk through the work records in the beginning of each weekly team meeting To make everyone more motivated and give more reasonable marks during the Many Eyes process.
- The decision was made due to some complaints regarding the contribution marks of audit 2.
Apr 15, 2021 Assigned the tasks to 3 directions:
Website maintenance:
@Phillip Wu(HTML) @Yaoyi Xu(BACKEND) @Ruoqian Wu(JS)
Database Designing:
@Wo Tian @Hengrui Xu @Ruiqiao Jiang @Guoyu Wang
Video making:
@Ruiqiao Jiang @Guoyu Wang @Hengrui Xu @Wo Tian
- We made this arrangement according to the current development of the website.
- The team members who are assigned to website can also help with the DB if there’s not too much changes from the clients’ side.
- Therefore, we avoid to use the term “splitting the team“.

Week 7

Date Decisions Rationale
Apr 19, 2021 Reassigned the tasks to 3 directions:
Website development:
@Phillip Wu(CSS) @Yaoyi Xu(Backend) @Ruoqian Wu(JS) @Hengrui Xu (HTML) @Ruiqiao Jiang (HTML) @Wo Tian (Add texts and diagrams with @sukanta debbarma (Unlicensed) )
Database Designing:
@Wo Tian @Hengrui Xu @Guoyu Wang
Video making:
@Guoyu Wang @Hengrui Xu @Wo Tian
We rearranged the tasks according to the current development of the website.
Apr 20, 2021 Delete the redundant information on the website we created. The website serves as an external link of the existing website. Therefore a similar layout might cause confusion.
Apr 20, 2021 Have sepereate meetings according to the tasks. More task orientated work distribution can save time and let team members be more focused on their priorities.

Week 8

Date Decisions Rationale
Apr 27, 2021 The main content of the video is going to be done in PowePoint, then refined by video editing software Our team is more familiar with PowerPoint than with other video editing software, plus PowerPoint has easy-to-use animation
Apr 27, 2021 The impact of the project will be presented by @stephen.madden (Unlicensed) in the video The quantified measurements are more convicing from the client rather than from us
Apr 30, 2021 Use Bootstrap format in htmls “No Bootstrap” was a requirement from Martin. Now that CSIT is hosting our website, we can put that aside and enjoy Bootstrap

Week 9

Date Decisions Rationale
May 4, 2021 Replace “our mission “part of the website with a welcome paragraph. The mission part is shown on the existing website and what we are doing is a sub-website. We can delete the redundant information to avoide confusion.
May 4, 2021 Stop accepting new adjustments to the website from the clients. Deploy our first release is our top priority when it’s this close to the audit. We need to stop focusing on details and work on deploying this release as soon as possible.
May 7, 2021 Re-narrate the beginning of the video according to tutor and clients' suggestion To ensure consistency of the content and polish some sentences.
May 7, 2021 Change audio from stereo to mono Recording in mono sounds clearer, and more upfront.