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  • Elevator Pitch

Just for fun.

Sample 1

Our client is ANFF OptoFab, which stands for the optical fabrication of the Australian National Fabrication Facility. They are currently working on customized high-performance optical components for clients in academia and industry; both in Australia and globally.

Right now all their orders are processed highly manually. There are only information on their website and not much functionality. Our goal is to help the ANFF OptoFab to develop two parallel, interconnected components. The first one is the local database to store everything the OptoFab knows about each individual order. The second one is the ANFF OptoFab website with extended functionalities for the clients of OptoFab, such as place, track and modify their order.

With our products, OptoFab will be able to manage their orders in a much more convenient way with customized searching and aggregation functions for analytical purposes for future use.

Sample 2

Imagine that you run a small company together with some partners in a small business. The business is booming and gaining momentum with a growing number of customers. Everything seems right on track, but you sense there’s something wrong. You get tired of talking to customers over the phone to check all the parameters over and over again; your partner complains about the time spent on finding the right order history in the archives; and what’s worse, it’s cost the company to lose another customer last week just because a small typo in the email, again!!

It’s such a headache, but wait!! You run into us in the elevator!! And out of nowhere, we feel your anxieties and start pitching, like it’s all destined to be… Our team will work with you to set up a local database to make the order management lightening fast and extremely secure! Not only can you flexibly adding and changing all sorts of documents to keep it up-to-date, but also the modifications can instantly be synchronized across the computers in your company. Better yet, the customers can also take advantage of the database by logging on to your company’s website to submit orders, add specifications and track status, which saves both you and the customer chunks of time! All you have to worry about next is how to scale up your business! Sounds a bit like a dream? Well, our team will assure you that this little dream is on its way to becoming true, hopefully before the winter comes ; )