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  • Project Status

We keep track of project status on this page.

Table of Contents

  1. Project Constraints
  2. Current Project Health
  3. Current Project Status

Project Constraints

  • Time constraints

    • need to accomplish the deliverables in this semester.
  • Technical constraints

    • team members lack some experiences with implementing specific user requirements
    • required a lot of time to search for solutions and to acquire new knowledge.
  • Management constraints

    • need to manage progress and relevant deadlines closely.
    • need to efficiently allocate tasks to team members.
    • need to ensure the quality of work.

Current Project Health

The project progress of database design is the same as schedule. The project progress of website development is a bit behind the schedule. However, it can be catched up and has a small likelihood of affecting the final delivery.

Current Project Status

  • The project is in the stage of developing the website and has finished designing the database relational schema based on user requirements.
  • The development and testing of website is close to completion on the local environment.
  • Testing on ANU server is required after the current stage.